TechStar's  modifications are known the world over and include important products like: FAST-TRACK AGIE 100D and AC 1-2-3 High Performance mod, FAST-CUT Charmilles wire EDM High Performance mod, TURBO-CUT and OPTI-CUT JAPAX wire EDM High Performance mod, TRUE-TRACK digital wire EDM speedometer, CDC100 Inch display converter, MACHnet machine network, ALINK RS232 converter, Helix High Performance Diamond wire EDM guide,  ACCU-CUT and HeliCat wire EDM diamond wire guide upgrade, DuraGuide Diamond orifice Wire EDM guides. ORBOS wire EDM guides.

We can also repair most AGIE PC Boards and we offer an evaluation service to determine which board has failed. Field Service is also available for most AGIE wire EDMs.

In addition, we have published numerous articles in the TOP EDM trade magazine "EDM Today"

For additional information on our products and services, please see                                                for extensive information on AGIE wire EDMs such as a troubleshooting  spreadsheet, original operators manuals, Error lists, post processors, service articles, parts list, schematics and more.     

TechStar Massive is a multifaceted company:

Our original company "TechStar" formerly known as "T-Star" is devoted to servicing the AGIE line of wire EDM machines. We provide parts and service specializing in the CNC100 series of AGIE wire EDMs.

Our sister company "Massive Speed System" is devoted to the automotive aftermarket Hot Rod industry.

TechStar Massive, Inc

2304 Spring Ridge Dr

Spring Grove, IL 60081

phone: 815-675-1822

fax: 815-675-2315

Former Addresses:

T-Star Industrial Electronics

600 Park Blvd
Streamwood, IL

140 E Hintz Rd
Wheeling, IL 60091

TechStar International, Inc.

TechMate, Inc.
11 Windemere Ln
South Barrington, IL